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I'm Janis Holler, the art and soul behind Loco Lobo Designs.

I've been doing the "art thing" since I was old enough to hold a crayon or pencil.  I drew and painted everything I could think of, which early on was horses, horses and more horses.  But then, about 30 some years ago, I stumbled across this incredible medium, polymer clay.  I loved polymer clay and made hundreds if not thousands of beautiful art pieces until the manufacturers started messing with the composition of the clay.  Needless to say, polymer clay just doesn't do it for me anymore.

My new medium of choice is porcelain.  As with everything else I undertake, I've taught myself to make plaster molds of my hand sculpted polymer designs and slip cast these designs with porcelain slip.  After the pieces are cast, they then are detailed, cleaned up, bisquit fired in a kiln, hand painted with underglazes and fired again to produce a finished piece.  It is certainly a much more involved process working with porcelain.  But the results are fabulous!

I'm asked quite a bit about my creative process, since as you can tell once you cruise my site or visit me at a show, I make many different types of pieces.  My answer is that I'm blessed (or cursed) with creative ADD (attention deficit disorder).  I have such a plethora of ideas of what to make, that often while I'm in the process of making one design, I stop what I'm doing to suddenly focus on the "blazing" new idea that pops into my head.

I constantly strive to push my creativity to new limits and techniques.  Whatever message is trying to project through me in my art, will not be denied.  I truly believe that my mission is to bring beauty into the lives of others and connect them with long lost or just ignored emotions through my art.

As you can probably tell from looking through this site, I have an affinity for animals, nature and other art forms.  I have also done time as an Electrical Engineer in both R&D Science and High Tech environments.  Yes, in other words, I've been a geek.  I also used to own a bead store, the Bead Lounge, in Longmont, Colorado which took over my life and left no room for my creative endeavors.  But nothing comes close to creating and sharing art!

I live with my cats Milo and Luna, and dogs Yogi, Carmen and Storm in the foothills west of Berthoud, Colorado.

I can be contacted at locolobo@earthlink.net.


Inspiration is everywhere if we just choose to notice!





My Beloved Genevieve, May She Soar On Her New Found Wings!



















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